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Following to Lead Podcast

Join Mentoring Alliance President and CEO Kevin East as he sits down with pastors, leaders, authors and others to talk about what it looks like to lead by following Jesus first in every aspect

Follow Jesus. Lead different.

When you commit your life fully to following Jesus, everything changes. From your work life to your home life, you can be transformed from the inside out. Learn alongside Kevin as he has powerful conversations about a wide range of topics, from marriage to foster care, from finances to living a balanced life.

The Story of “Following to Lead”

Kevin loves inspiring others to actually follow Jesus – instead of just living hollow lives filled with moral, religious activity. More than 10 years ago he started a blog titled “Following to Lead,” primarily about following Jesus, organizational leadership and family. The podcast was launched with the same purpose, and Kevin has begun working on books and video series as well. Join Kevin as he follows Jesus as well as the example of others, all while sharing nuggets of what he’s learned over the decades in various leadership roles.


Learn more about the podcast and view more resources at the “Following to Lead” website.

Cover art for Following to Lead with Kevin East

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